Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

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Vibration training may give a sluggish metabolism a boost up to 18%. By building up lean muscle, you promote the increased burning of calories throughout your day. Combine your Bigghealth workouts with a cardio program and see the pounds shed even faster! There is no hidden secret to weight loss, but one thing is for certain, 10 minutes of Bigghealth per day, 3 times a week combined with a sensible diet will have you looking your very best!



Weight loss does not discriminate between fat and muscle, rapid weight loss is often leads to reduced muscle tone. The best way to preserve muscle is through resistance exercise, WBV helps to firm and tone your muscles so you lose fat but maintain a great physique. Bigghealth will have you looking more toned while you work your way to your weight loss goals.



WBV may lead to improved circulation, carry vital oxygen to your cells and tissues, assist in flushing toxins and increase the production of collagen. You will notice firmer, smoother skin and significantly reduced cellulite. Studies have shown that through WBV, it is possible to reduce cellulite on thighs and buttocks by as much as 25%.



A few sessions per week on a Bigghealth Platform will dramatically reduce the effects of stress by decreasing cortisol levels, the hormone responsible for stress. Your sessions give your body a “natural high” that simply must be experienced to be believed. By introducing vibrations throughout your body, the chemical chain reaction within is unleashed in the form of the secretion of serotonin. Our members feel happier and more youthful, with an abundance of energy to enjoy life.



By strengthening your muscles through Bigghealth, you will also improve your flexibility and agility – without putting additional strain on sensitive joints and ligaments. For avid golfers and tennis players, regular Bigghealth sessions lead to a greater range of motion with a significant uptick in explosive strength, motor learning and muscular endurance.



Many professional sports teams have harnessed WBV technology to give their athletes the edge in recovering through rehabilitation. The process of rehabilitation involves increasing blood flow, causing a dramatic spike in Human Growth Hormone (HGH) – the key to the repair and regeneration of soft tissue. WBV also stimulates the production of hormones and natural chemicals in the body that counteract pain through the recovery phase.

Stop signs of aging in their tracks by vibrating your way to a healthy lifestyle beginning with a few visits per week to one of our studios. For women over the age of 39, bone loss is always a cause of concern. Studies in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research report that WBV may provide excellent results over resistance training – one of the many reasons why Bigghealth is becoming so popular with women wishing to prevent bone deterioration.



Let’s face it, you want to work out to feel great about yourself and Bigghealth Studios makes working out a breeze! Our goal is for each of our members to finish their WBV session feeling wonderful, both physically and mentally. Enjoyment is at the core of everything we do here at Bigghealth and we look forward to putting a smile on your face after your very first visit to one of our studios.