10 Empowering Ways to Improve Your Daily Lif

We’ve all been there. It’s Wednesday at noon and the office clock is moving slower than ever. You would be looking forward to getting off work, except there’s another pile of responsibilities waiting for you at home. You have no energy for fun, and it’s causing relationship issues that, right now, just feel like even more work.


When the daily grind of life starts to get to you, it’s time to refocus your priorities and start taking care of your own needs first. Here are 10 ways you can lift yourself up and beat the blahs of everyday life.

1. Practice Gratitude

When life starts to wear on you, it’s not always easy to remember the good things. But this is actually the best time to focus on everything you’re grateful for. Practicing gratitude will help you remember what you’re working so hard for and lead you to greater satisfaction with life.

2. Keep Weekends Sacred

It’s tempting to view the weekend as wasted time when you’re faced with a mile-long to-do list, but saving your weekends for rest and relaxation is a better choice in the long run. People report their best physical and mental well-being during weekends off — even people who work in a profession they love. If you want to bring your all on Monday, it’s essential to use the weekend to recharge.

3. Foster Relationships

Social relationships are key to a long and happy life, but they’ll fade away if you don’t nurture them. No matter how jam-packed your calendar is, make time every week to connect with the people you care about. Some weeks that may mean a 10-minute phone call, and others it might mean brunch followed by a mani-pedi. Either way, you’ll be letting your loved ones know you care and ensuring they’ll be there when you need someone to lean on.

4. Don’t Overcommit

Saying no is hard. It’s also essential. Everyone needs down time to stay sane, so stop committing yourself to things you can’t follow through on. And this doesn’t only apply to work — making promises you can’t keep strains your relationships, too. When you learn to say no, you set boundaries, build respect, and reclaim control.

5. Care for Your Body

Becoming the best you starts with, well, you. If you want to get a better handle on life, start by improving your own physical well-being. Kick the habit of racing to deadlines with coffee and convenience foods in hand, and start prioritizing self-care: get a good night’s rest, prepare healthy meals, and get physical activity. Your body and brain will thank you. If you have any addictive habits or are in recovery, be especially careful to make time for you every day. Make good, healthy decisions daily, which will directly and positively impact your mental health.

6. Nurture Your Creative Side


Working the same job day in and day out can stifle your creativity and leave you feeling disconnected from your true self. When you incorporate creativity into daily life, you become more inspired and innovative in a way that touches every part of your existence.

7. Honor Alone Time

Sometimes when you’re stressed, you want nothing more than to retreat into your home with nothing but a pint of ice cream and Netflix to keep you company. When that urge hits, respect it, indulge it, and then get up and keep moving forward.

8. Think Big Picture

If the mundanity of daily life is starting to get to you, zoom out from the day-to-day and look at the big picture. Are you on a path you’re happy with? Are you making progress toward your goals? If the answer is yes, it’s time to lean in and power through. But if it’s a no, it’s time to start planning a change.

9. Live the Golden Rule

Everyone is guilty of taking out their stress on someone else at some point, but using others as your emotional punching bag is harmful to everyone involved. When you treat others with unwavering kindness and respect, you’ll not only receive the same in return, you’ll also notice a boost in your own self-love.

10. Employ Humor

Sometimes life knocks you down despite your best efforts. When it happens, do your best to laugh at the situation and move on. When you learn to take the little things in stride, you can maintain a positive attitude even in the most trying of circumstances.



Written by Jackie Waters at hyper-tidy.com

Image via Unsplash

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